Key metrics of the project:


  • More than 12 months using¬†
  • 6 000 connections sent in 2021
  • 2000 approved connections (33% connection rate)
  • 900 engages in dialogue (45% reply rate)
  • 200 demo meetings (22% MQL)¬†





Formalized outreach process

No, managers used spontaneous strategies 

All managers using pre-approved flows, outreach target lists and message templates 


No, managers used only personal LinkedIn accounts with no collaboration process

Managers use team workspace to use best practices from each other & templates. Team statistics are available


Sales managers did all operations manually: sending messages, follow-ups, adding leads to CRM, enriching data with emails. 

4 sales managers did all work

GetSales automated 80% of routine operations (sending messages, follow-ups, adding leads to CRM, enriching data with emails) 

50% FTE reduction: 2 sales managers focusing on MQLs, routine operations incl. MQL generation is managed by 




About company Group is the largest Internet company in Russia owned by Vkontakte, one of the most popular Russian social media networks. It combines the website home page and thematic projects and serves as a single entry point for the company‚Äôs Internet services ‚Äď mail, search, the My World social network, a cloud service, Agent and ICQ messengers.



As a huge enterprise, Group needs to build certain processes in order to keep the remote sales team on track and collect necessary analytics. The sales department had to do a lot of manual work which takes time, so was searching for an effective tool that could save their resources, automate outbound sales tasks and provide high-quality analytics.


How we helped 

As a large company, Group had concerns about security of using LeadGen process tools. Getsales became the best choice for them on the market as a reliable vendor of sales automation software and easy-to-use platform with deep analytics. Getsales tool allowed to reach out to a large number of people with a variety of messaging flows while their sales team could focus on the other tasks. Here’s the key steps that were taken to improve outreach process: 

  • We helped to identify the target audience and form prospecting lists for each profile¬†
  • Together we created personalized outreach campaigns for each segment
  • Getsales experts helped to adjust their Linkedin profiles and united them into one group for management team¬†
  • Getsales tool allowed to get automated analytics dashboards and view the outreach process clearly¬†


The results we achieved together played a vital role in sales growth as they got an effective way to reach a large number of people automatically and easily plump them into their business just by a few clicks. The new automation approach brings the company a 5x increase in outbound activity that leads to better segmentation, market insights, and closed sales.