Key metrics of the project: 

  • 6000 connections sent in US, LatAm, MENA, UK¬†
  • 2521 (42%) approved connections¬†
  • 864 (34%) engaged in dialogue¬†
  • 38 (4,3%) demo meetings¬†





Formalized outreach process

No any formalized process 

All managers using pre-approved flows, outreach target lists and message templates 


Had no collaboration

Formed multiple profiles of 5 accounts for teamwork

Project management 

No dashboard, no metrics

Got automated analytics dashboards


Sales managers did all operations manually: sending messages, follow-ups, adding leads to CRM, enriching data with emails. 

3 sales managers did all work

GetSales automated 80% of routine operations (sending messages, follow-ups, adding leads to CRM, enriching data with emails) 

Sales managers focusing only on MQLs, routine operations incl. MQL generation is managed by GetSales.io Increased productivity of sales team by 300% 




About company

Ivideon is the only cloud network video surveillance service with 15 data centres located around the world. 

With just 5 years in development, Ivideon has now got more than 1,8 million active users and more than 900 business partners. Ivideon allows managing access to securely stored SSL-encrypted videos by using a flexible permission system. The company provides an active notification system for any suspicious event: from camera disconnection to detected motion and sound, together with open API and integration with IFTTT and POS systems enhance video surveillance functionality. 



One of the biggest challenges for Ivideon was finding a simple and effective way to distribute their solution globally, without wasting too much precious time and resources. For instance, they wanted to get potential clients in MENA by using LinkedIn outreach. Ivideon wanted to set up a meeting at the IT exhibition held in Dubai so the potential partners could see innovative video products in action. 




How we helped 

GetSales became a perfect fit for Ivideon: our Linkedin automation platform created a much more sustainable source of regular lead flows in the amount of 4000. To achieve the best results, we have taken the following steps:


  • We helped Ivideon to identify the target audience and form prospecting lists for each profile using the Getsales.io search extension
  • Based on Ivideon‚Äôs preferences experts from the Getsales.io team created outreach campaigns including follow-up messages for each segment
  • We reviewed and adjusted Linkedin profiles for the Ivideon team to highlight company uniqueness, engage more people and as a result, get better conversions
  • By using GetSales.io platform Ivideon boosted outreach up to 500 connections per week¬†


The results we achieved together 

Getsales.io platform and support played a key role in Ivideon’s growth by creating sustainable and qualitative lead flow and building their client base as quickly and efficiently as possible.