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As a multi-channel prospecting automation platform, we help hundreds of B2B companies to automate most of their prospecting activity without complex technical implementation.
Every day our clients get Hot Leads from multiple channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Email directly to their CRM fully on auto-pilot.
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Long-term and Predictable strategy of Sales is critical for success.

Sales Prospecting is an important part of it, where we build the foundation for future steps. But it is a very time-consuming process, and let's face it, people are awful at such kind of routine tasks doing thousands of similar actions.
40% of salespeople say that Sales Prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process.
Full-cycle salespeople spend 50% of their working time on prospecting activity.
According to the latest Hubspot Research.
Manual Sales Prospecting is inefficient and expensive.
  • Business Assistants are inefficient and cost $.
  • Salesperson without Business Assistant cost even more $$$.
  • External lead agencies expensive and make your business dependent.
  • People do errors and often forget about important steps of prospecting.
Other market solutions too narrow and time-consuming.
  • Automate only one channel or need dozens of external integrations.
  • Lose important analytic data across multiple integrations.
  • Unable to show you bottlenecks in your sales prospecting strategy.
  • Do one small thing and don't care about overall success.

How much money you can save?

In average companies spend $2000/month doing prospecting for one sales person.

And who knows how much next lost opportunity may cost for your business?

getSales.io allows you to secure predictable, long-term sales pipeline in one platform.


1. Find and Collect your Ideal Customers.

Collect thousands of Contacts in one click from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CrunchBase, AngelList, ZoomInfo, and other sources. Additionally, we offer tools to reveal and prospect anonymous companies visiting your website.

2. Choose Script from our High-Converting templates or create your own.

Once you have successfully collected Contacts, you may want to start a prospecting activity. Using our add-on you can run this process automatically, just choose one of our High-Converting templates and adapt your messages.


3. Run your script and Hot Leads will be sent to your CRM funnel automatically.

Running Script will execute all routine tasks for you, and Leads who will reply messages and emails will be sent directly to your CRM.

4. Use our AI Analytics to constantly improve scripts and increase your conversion rate.

Reveal valuable insights on how leads engage to personalize your follow-up.


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