Email Outreach with high-converting integrative sequences

A relatively simple program that allows you to interact with any email, regardless of which provider it works with. Thanks to it, you can set up and launch cold mailings. That is, you simply launch this mechanism and get real customers.

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What are email outreach services?

How it works

Imagine if you could search for new customers quickly and automatically

Combine your LinkedIn outreach with email

If you’re looking for your clients in your LinkedIn meeting audience, all you need to do is find your account and add them to your GetSales  account.

No matter what email you use, you can connect them to most software solutions and link them to your LinkedIn, helping you generate leads and results effectively. Also, thanks to this action, you can store all the data in one place, making your work easier.

Personalize your Emails

Personalize your emails and add hyper-personalized images and GIFs to your posts. Our cold emailing software will help you send a lot of emails from a secure IP address. All you have to do is fill out the required emails, create custom placeholders, and personalize your reach.

Use smart conditions for better prospecting

Smart email is all about finding information about your potential customers. You can get everything you need with GetSales – starting with mobile phone numbers and ending with a Twitter profile.

Create your perfect campaign or use powerful templates from our library

You can independently come up with the text of the messages you want to send to your potential customers. But if you understand that you need more time and energy for this, then you can use our templates, which are compiled and developed by professionals.

Analyze and optimize

Get a complete overview of processes with a powerful dashboard. automatically moves people, and companies to the current sales funnel stage so you can better understand engagement levels and make smarter decisions.

Ultra-detailed workflow analytics to understand churn points.

AI Reply Sentiment Recognition.

Generate Leads & Sales with an automated tool

А few steps to stand out from the message flow and increase your response rate with our email automation tool

Define your goals and impact the segment

You need to know exactly what you want from your business before you start your email outreach.

Choose the approach of your work

Choose what parts it will consist of and what elements it will include. If you are determining what will be best for your business, you can consult with our specialist and select the best strategy based on your requests.

Always use personalization

In the letter template, you should include all the necessary key ideas and explain why it is necessary to work with you. They should also be personalized so that the potential client understands that this is an appeal directly to him, and not part of cold email marketing.
If you are not up to the task, then you can use our ready-made high-converting templates to set up a multi-channel outreach.

Uncover key customer insights

Based on customer responses to AI analysis, segment analysis, A/B tests, SDR statistics, and campaign or period statistics, we will be able to analyze their requests and needs. And also understand that they are not interested.