All-in-one Cloud Automation & CRM to build advanced sales funnels

We provide you top toolkit to keep the data in one place, automate routine work and track performance

    Flows Automation

    No more manual work and limits – here you can create and manage a campaign for your prospect lists of any target. Automated actions will do the whole work for you and save your time twice. 

    Action Scheduling

    Launch actions at a convenient time for you 

    A/B Testing

    Test hypotheses with this feature to see leads reaction and make outreach more profitable

    Social Activity

    Need to warm your lead? Like, comment their posts, visit the page, endorse skills with no limits

    Automated Messages

    Save your time with automated and messages you can text and send right in the flow

    Omni-Channels Cloud Automation

    Create outreach campaigns full of various automated actions in using different channels such as Emails, Linkedin, Whatsapp, and SMS

    Built-in Flow Analytics

    View the percentage of engaged or not leads right in the flow campaign and make changes in your outreach campaign basing on the results

    Search tools

    Find your prospects with Getsales using different tools, warm them up and get new clients for your business

    Mass saving

    Save up to 2000 leads by just copying URL search into GetSales platform. All your leads and saved searches will be automatically updated to GetSales

    Sales navigator integration

    You can save any accounts & leads from Sales Navigator, keep your searches in GetSales and use leads for your outreach campaigns

    CSV import & export

    Include your lead lists to GetSales using CSV import and run individual outreach campaigns for different targets. Extract and save in any format

    Data enrichment

    No need to use third-party programs to find more info about your leads. Extract full contact information with GetSales – cellphone numbers, emails – and use them in your outreach campaigns

    Auto-collection of engaged audiences

    Save and create lists of likers and commentators of your posts using the GetSales plugin

    Performance tools

    No need to work alone – in Getsales you can work in team and use this tools to make your outreach campaigns more profitable

    Advanced analytics dashboards

    Manage your outreach like a pro and make changes – AI analytics based on analysis of message text will display the number of engaged people, acceptance rate, reply rate and conversion rate

    AI funnel statuses

     Lead statuses based on AI recognition of prospects actions: replies, comments, likes, visits, emails etc. Track your outreach performance by using automatic statuses of your prospects (cold, negative, positive)

    Multi-accounts access

    Use an unlimited number of accounts to scale up your outreach process. Track your team activities and metrics in one window: messaging, conversions, performance per account, etc.

    Message templates

    Create and use quick-reply templates to save your time and get higher conversion rate

    Cloud automation

    no need to be always in front of the computer: your campaigns are running 24/7 in cloud automatically

    Advanced omni-channel messenger

    Send, track and keep your messaging history from different channels in one window

    Customized tags “statuses”

    Use customized tags to group your leads according to the value you assigned, apply mass actions for tagged audiences (sending email, warming up, etc.) and outreach comfortably

    One-window messaging

    Outreach your prospects from different channels just by few clicks – text and send Linkedin, FB, Whatsapp messages and emails in one window only

    Activity chain

    Get full information about your leads actions just in one window – accepted connection requests, sent messages, likes, comments etc.

    Full contact info

    Everything you need to know about your lead: statistics, location, company, email, page link – right in front of your eyes to make your outreach more comfortable

    Message templates

    Create and use quick-reply templates to save your time and get higher conversion rate

    Direct Integrations with CRMs


    Your security is in our priority, with Getsales tools you can be sure your data is in safety

    human imitation activity

    Run massive outreach without worrying to be blocked – our plugin imitates human activity, so there’s no way for social networks to identify automated actions

    Smart limits

    Don’t be afraid of getting blocked with smart limits settings Getsales offer. You can choose your daily limits for any kind of tasks: messaging, visiting page, etc.

    built-in plugin IP address

    Getsales will give you a dedicated and local IP address, you don’t have to worry about being banned using our tool

    GDPR Compliance

    Find your leads in a safe way, we keep your data protected

    GetSales chrome extension

    Each Getsales user get extra-feature: built-in plugin which you can use for custom tasks

    Built-in proxy

    Secure your browsing in Linkedin

    Cherry picking

    You can collect targeted prospects immediately by one-click during your browsing on Linkedin and add to your Getsales flows

    Search filters saving

    Set up custom searches library in plugin and apply to Sales Navigator or Linkedin to increase your productivity during prospects collecting

    Custom tasks

    Increase your conversion rate with our plugin assistant who will guide you through your tasks in every case: send custom messages, pick some information etc.

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