Project time: 

  • 60 days 


Key metrics of the project: 

  • 4000 connections sent in North America and MENA  
  • 1600 (40%) approved connections 
  • 325 (20%) engaged in dialogue 
  • 13 (4%) demo meetings (*enterprise solution)





Outreach performance 

50 connections per week

500 connections per week


Had only one SDR for outreach

Formed multiple profiles with 5 sales accounts 

Project management 

Had to manually collect analytics

Got automated analytics dashboards


Had to spend about 20 hours per week on outreach

Increased their productivity and saved time x3 times

Outreach channels


Linkedin + E-mail




About company

CROC is one of the Russian IT market leaders, creating a new digital ecosystem for society and completing projects in 42 different countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of IT solutions, including systems integration and managed B2B and consulting services. In addition, CROC also offers off-the-shelf products and promising end-to-end technologies, such as Big Data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, robotics, and machine learning. 



The business challenge was to find an appropriate market and industry to deploy VR training solutions for health and safety. The operational challenge for CROC was to organize the smooth process and to find a tool or a system that would allow them to effectively generate large numbers of qualified leads in a short period of time. With multiple clients in different industries and serving audiences from North America and MENA, CROC needed to be able to develop and deploy custom messaging for different audiences without massive manual work. Before CROC had very slow communication with prospecting leads – about 50 connections per week and 1-3 interviews per month – as they had only one Linkedin account for international outreach and no time to send a lot of connections.



How we helped became the perfect solution for CROC, as we provided an automation tool with a large number of personalized message campaigns being run at any given time. The following steps were taken to improve CROC’s outreach: 


  • We helped CROC to identify the target audience and form prospecting lists for each profile using the search extension
  • Based on CROC’s preferences experts from the team created personalized outreach campaigns including follow-up messages for each segment. 
  • As CROC had only one Linkedin account for international communication, we helped them to create 4 more accounts and unite them in one profile to engage more people and as a result, get better conversions
  • By using platform CROC boosted the outreach up to 500 connections vs 50 connections per week they had before we helped
  • With tool and support, CROC has got automatically generated reports for their outreach campaigns. They could observe how many of their leads replied and converted. With our metrics, CROC could see if the lead was prospecting and whether it was needed to change the approach to potential clients.



The results we achieved together 

The main result was that CROC tested a number of business hypotheses in different markets and found product-market fit for their VR training solution. helped CROC to achieve the best results in many aspects of their growth, but what is the most important is that we allowed them to focus on different parts of their business while our platform did all the sales work itself. With our help, the CROC team were able to quickly and easily create multiple campaigns to target people from all over the world with more natural messages.