What is LinkedIn lead generation?

If you’re running a business and seeking to boost your leads through LinkedIn, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your customer base within your LinkedIn network, this article will provide you with comprehensive insights into successful lead generation on the platform.

Why you need LinkedIn lead generation?

As a marketer, there are several compelling reasons to consider:


1. Attracting More Leads and Customers: Enhance your ability to draw in new leads and customers who are genuinely interested in your products.

2. Targeted Messaging: Craft messages that resonate with your target audience, ensuring your communication hits the mark.

3. Digital Action Automation: Gain a deep understanding of marketing automation for your digital initiatives, streamlining your processes.

4. Leveraging LinkedIn: Discover how to utilize the most effective acquisition strategies on LinkedIn.

5. Enhanced B2B Strategy: Elevate your B2B marketing strategy, optimize marketing campaigns, and boost conversion rates throughout your sales funnel.

6. Quality Traffic: Drive high-quality traffic to your landing pages or website, ensuring that your audience is genuinely interested in your offerings.

7. Generating Leads: Master the art of acquiring more qualified customers and generating leads through lead generation techniques.

8. Building Reputation: Develop a strong reputation on the B2B social network, positioning yourself as an industry leader.

9. Improved ROI: Implement strategies that lead to a more robust Return on Investment (ROI) metric for your marketing efforts. 

Let’s start with LinkedIn, your ROI champion.

Defining a "lead" in digital marketing

So, in the digital marketing world, a lead is like someone window-shopping before deciding to buy from you. Imagine you’re out there looking for potential customers, making connections, and getting folks to check out your website. These people are your leads—they’re interested or fit your ideal customer, but they haven’t hit that “buy” button yet.

How to do lead generation on LinkedIn?

When it comes to creating fresh B2B leads, LinkedIn reigns supreme, and here’s the captivating story behind it.

Imagine a platform that attracts more than 180 million monthly users in the US. These users represent a diverse array of professions, ranging from marketing, digital, and engineering to finance and education. But it doesn’t stop there; LinkedIn also draws in experts from specialized fields like SEO, copywriting, and Google advertising. Now, let’s dig into what makes this fact truly impactful.

How to use LinkedIn for lead generation?

So, what’s a B2B lead on LinkedIn? It’s someone who gets interested and either likes your posts or chats with you to find out more. But here’s the deal – at first, everyone on LinkedIn is just a stranger. It’s only when they join in and interact with your posts that they enter a new phase. 

On LinkedIn, leads transition through three phases: discovery, evaluation, and decision. Liking or commenting on your content indicates they’ve seen your name and picture, and visiting your profile is even better. Leads emerge in the evaluation to decision phase when they recognize your expertise. Your role now is to address their problem through your LinkedIn prospecting campaign.


LinkedIn lead generation strategies

free linkedin lead generation software

Generating LinkedIn leads doesn’t require a marketing team. Learn and apply these techniques.

So, to snag LinkedIn leads, you’ve got two pathways – create cool content or send personalized messages. But here’s the catch: before you dive into the prospecting adventure, there’s a vital step you can’t skip. Ignore it, and your marketing conversions might take a hit.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

You know what’s a big deal? Having a super polished LinkedIn profile, especially for sales. Why, you wonder? ‘Cause it’s all about trust – showing you care, being straight-up, and flaunting your skills.
Imagine this – your profile’s got your warmest smile and a rock-solid commitment to honesty. But here’s the catch – unless you’re shouting about your certifications, diplomas, real-world experiences, and solid results, you’re not hitting that trust bullseye your visitors are after. 

Your LinkedIn Banner: The Awareness Weapon

Elevate your LinkedIn presence by crafting a visually appealing banner that prominently features your company’s colors. In the center, communicate your product or service’s unique value proposition (USP) with a clear and concise message. Don’t forget to include your logo for that extra touch of brand identity. The primary aim of this banner is to effectively raise awareness and capture the attention of potential customers.

Your LinkedIn Headline: A Powerful Tool for Persuasion on LinkedIn

Optimize your LinkedIn headline for a great profile. Here are some tips. 

1. Keep it punchy. Shorter is better, and impactful beats long and boring. Avoid excessive text; it may make you appear overly eager. 

2. Share your post’s title and company.

3. In one sentence, describe your mission; it’s what makes you who you are.


Explore LinkedIn lead generation content

Not all LinkedIn influencer content is equally effective. The secret? Start using a content marketing strategy to figure out what clicks. 

LinkedIn content builds your inbound strategy, fostering stronger connections with your audience. 

This strategy facilitates lead nurturing and attracts new customers. Four effective content types include high-value, authority, inspirational, and negativity content. 

High-value content offers actionable advice for your audience, such as list articles (e.g., “7 LinkedIn Client-Finding Tips”) and explanations of theme concepts. 

Authority content showcases your credibility and legitimacy in your field. 

Effective authority content includes numerical results, client success stories, and earned certifications. 

Inspirational content aims to convey emotions through storytelling, sharing your challenges and successes. 

These four post types build trust and boost engagement. Mix them up for effective LinkedIn lead generation. 😉

Discover effective lead generation through content

After creating your editorial plan, it’s time to elevate it to the next level. But how can you do that? By leveraging the most effective marketing techniques for LinkedIn lead generation.

Create an engaging post offering a free resource (PDFs, videos) in exchange for comments. 

Next, use our GetSales tool to scrape these profiles, export them to your CRM, and reach out for potential sales. 

Why is this method so effective? It boosts your LinkedIn post’s reach through comments. 

This creates virality, resulting in more leads. Also, consider adding your landing page link at the post’s bottom for the highly interested. 



3. Step up your LinkedIn lead game with lead generation software

These solutions are effective, but there’s more. Imagine a salesperson who works tirelessly without pay – it’s real, it’s GetSales.

With this tool, you can automate B2B lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn. Let’s explore the advantages of creating and activating such campaigns:

  • Time-saving prospecting.
  • Precision in LinkedIn targeting.
  • Powerful and extensive marketing efforts. 

Ready for the magic touch? You can make it all happen with the fantastic lead generator, GetSales. 👌

Our primary objective is threefold:

  • Streamline your operations with automated prospecting, saving you valuable time.
  • Expand your customer base through large-scale, precise campaigns.
  • Elevate lead generation for your business. 
Try GetSales for free today. Life’s good, right?

Trust our LinkedIn lead generation software because:

  • Multi-channel prospecting for peak performance.
  • Focus on exceptional user experience (UX).
  • Guaranteed LinkedIn security.
  • Ongoing tool enhancements.
  • Accessible customer support via chat.
  • Our engineers enable you to surpass LinkedIn’s 100 weekly invitation limit risk-free! 💪

GetSales revolutionizes your marketing campaigns:

  • Target your ideal clients.
  • Secure new leads effortlessly.
  • Save time with automated marketing.
  • Effortlessly funnel potential customers. All achievable with GetSales.

4. Supercharge leads with LinkedIn Ads

While LinkedIn Ads can boost lead generation, their high cost per lead could present a challenge to your sales and marketing strategy.  

Utilize GetSales for automated LinkedIn prospecting and email marketing – profile visits, messaging, and beyond. 


High-quality audience and well-qualified leads

Lead generation involves crafting a persona and segmenting your target audience, a crucial step that requires attention. There are two methods: creating a persona from pre-existing market research or gathering data through post-implementation questionnaires once your solution is in action.

5. Establish a LinkedIn Lead Generation sales funnel

Achieve remarkable turnover growth by implementing a sales funnel that places your customers at the forefront. Witness the magic as it turns strangers into enthusiastic brand ambassadors (or devoted customers) while gaining valuable insights into their journey.

linkedin lead generation automation

Lead a stranger through these stages:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Purchase Decision
  • Conversion 

But there’s more to the journey ❌. Beyond the initial phases, you enter the crucial territory of maintaining connections – the loyalty and lead nurturing phase. With a dash of fortune, your clients transform into enthusiastic brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your business. 

To guarantee a customer’s journey reaches its destination, don’t hesitate to utilize all available resources and channels, such as social media, to achieve your objectives. Additionally, you can streamline these processes with marketing automation software.

6. Let's rock some LinkedIn Live events

Creating live events is an effective strategy for boosting your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. These events, known as live conferences, webinars, masterclasses, and more, are becoming increasingly popular on LinkedIn and offer an excellent opportunity to establish trust. 

To successfully attract customers through live events 🔴, you must acknowledge a common fear: purchasing from someone you’ve never seen or heard before. Live events, unlike simple posts, have the power to evoke strong emotions and build trust.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find customers successfully using live events:


1. Select a Relevant Topic: Begin by choosing a topic within your niche or expertise. Ensure it aligns with the interests of your target audience.

2. Identify a Problem or Desire: Once you have your topic, delve deeper. Identify a specific problem or desire related to your chosen theme. This will be the focal point of your live event.


Now, let’s take the example of copywriting:

  • Example for Copywriters: If you’re a copywriter, consider focusing your live event on a pressing issue or a desire related to copywriting. For instance, you could host a session on “Crafting Irresistible Headlines for Higher Conversions.” This addresses a common challenge in the field of copywriting and captures the interest of potential customers looking to improve their copywriting skills.

By selecting a relevant topic, identifying a problem or desire, and tailoring your live event to address it, you can effectively engage your audience and draw in potential customers.

To enhance the effectiveness of your landing page, consider conducting a survey related to the article’s subject: “3 tips for creating a high-converting landing page” or “3 common mistakes that hinder your landing page’s sales potential.” Once you collect several dozen responses, analyze the results. It’s worth noting that issues often arise in cold prospecting, while topics of interest tend to resonate better within a community that already knows you.

7. Master copywriting for effective marketing

Ever heard of copywriting? It’s the key to crafting LinkedIn lead generation messages. 

Copywriting is the art of crafting words to elicit a response, conversion, or transaction from your audience. LinkedIn’s most successful content creators have mastered this skill. It’s crucial for captivating your readers and ultimately increasing your conversion rate.  


When it comes to copywriting, there’s one golden rule: AIDA—Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This framework stands as one of the most effective marketing tactics for composing messages that transform your leads into conversions.

AIDA MODEL For your automated LinkedIn prospect messages

Craft messages with a compelling hook, pique interest, evoke desire with benefits, and end with a clear call to action. 

To master copywriting, follow these three aces: Justin Welsh, Neil Patel, and Gary Vaynerchuk. They’ll elevate your writing and impact. Copywriting is your key to finding the ideal clients. Train and apply it.


Achieving LinkedIn lead generation is attainable. Master the 7 techniques from this article to outshine the competition. In a fiercely competitive landscape, strategic prowess is paramount. 

To optimize your LinkedIn lead generation strategy, follow these steps:

  • First, ensure your LinkedIn profile is well-optimized.
  • Next, focus on publishing content consistently in a specific niche.
  • Incorporate GetSales sequences into your outreach strategy.
  • Consider organizing events to engage with your audience.
  • Additionally, invest time in refining your copywriting skills for more compelling marketing messages.

By implementing these tactics, you’ll be well-equipped to harness the power of LinkedIn for lead generation! 🚀

The greatest Linkedin Lead Generation tool: GetSales

If you’ve been following this article, you know that you’ll need to create a persona, and then start thinking about your outbound marketing sales strategy. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to search for your little prospects on LinkedIn, by using GetSales, the best between all lead generation tools.

LinkedIn, a trust-based platform, makes selling easier. Utilize the title of their profile, search by company, segment your targets, and clean up your lists.

LinkedIn, a trust-based platform, makes selling easier. Utilize the title of their profile, search by company, segment your targets, and clean up your lists.

Sending a message with GetSales is a straightforward process.
Here’s how it works:

1. Initiate Your Campaign: Begin by starting a campaign. You’ll have the option to send a message, keeping in mind that you’ll be reaching out to people who are already a part of your LinkedIn network. 

2. Campaign Setup

  • Name Your Campaign: Give your campaign a meaningful name for easy reference.
  • Select Your Prospects: Choose the specific individuals you want to target.
  • Craft Your Message: Write your message, ensuring it’s engaging and relevant to your prospects.
  • Confirmation and Launch: Confirm your settings and launch your campaign.

Additionally, GetSales functions as a CRM system, allowing you to consolidate your LinkedIn leads in one centralized location. This makes it convenient to integrate them into your campaign efforts. 

With GetSales, you have the flexibility to run both LinkedIn campaigns and email marketing campaigns, giving you a versatile approach to reach your target audience effectively.