Best prospecting email examples

At GetSales, we understand the importance of effective communication in today’s competitive business landscape. In order to excel in sales and build valuable connections, mastering the art of LinkedIn connection messages is crucial. This guide will share the best 20+ LinkedIn connection messages for sales. Additionally, we will provide tips and sales message examples to help you outperform your competition and reach your sales goals.

20 successful linkedin sales messages

What is a good Linkedin connection message?

When reaching out to potential clients or business partners on LinkedIn, it’s essential to leave a lasting impression. The right connection message can make all the difference, capturing the attention of your prospects and initiating meaningful conversations. Here are some carefully crafted direct message Linkedin that have proven to be highly effective in driving sales:

linkedin cold message template

1. The Mutual Interest Approach

Hi [Contact’s Name], I noticed we share a passion for [specific interest or industry]. As someone who is deeply invested in [related field], I would love to connect and explore potential synergies between our work. Looking forward to connecting with you. Best regards, [Your Name]

This approach shows you care about the recipient’s work. This increases the chance of a favorable reply. It also helps to build a bond based on shared interests.

2. The Compliment Approach

Hi [Contact’s Name], I came across your recent work on [specific project or achievement], and I must say I’m truly impressed. Your expertise and dedication are inspiring. Let’s connect and discuss how we can collaborate to achieve even greater success together. Warm regards, [Your Name]

This message shows admiration for the recipient’s accomplishments, making them more inclined to engage with you and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

3. The Referral Approach

Hi [Contact’s Name], [Mutual Connection’s Name] spoke highly of your exceptional work in [specific industry]. I greatly value [Mutual Connection’s Name]’s opinion and would be honored to connect with someone of your caliber. Let’s explore how we can support each other’s professional growth. Best regards, [Your Name]

Leveraging the power of referrals adds credibility to your connection request. By mentioning a mutual connection, you establish trust and increase the chances of acceptance.

4. The Industry Insight Approach

Hi [Contact’s Name], I recently read your insightful article on [specific topic] and found it incredibly thought-provoking. Your expertise in [industry/field] is evident, and I believe connecting with you would be mutually beneficial. Let‘s exchange ideas and explore potential opportunities together. Warm regards, [Your Name]

Acknowledging the recipient’s expertise and their contributions to the industry shows your own knowledge. This can open the door for meaningful conversations.

5. A Timeless Message for a Fresh Connection

Greetings, (Name)! I’m delighted that you’ve accepted my connection request.

I came across your profile and noticed (mention a personal detail from their bio or page). This intrigued me and made me think that our product could be of interest to you. Allow me to explain how our unique product features directly cater to your specific needs. Would you like to learn more? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.

When reaching out to a new contact for the first time, the goal may not be immediate sales. Instead, focus on building a stronger connection and discovering if there is any interest in your offerings.

6. Express Curiosity in the Prospect

Greetings, (Name)! I’m thrilled that we’ll be connected and stay updated with each other.
I’m genuinely interested in getting to know you better. Could you kindly share a little about your role within the company?

It is sometimes necessary to get initial information to progress the discussion. A great way to do this is to have a pleasant conversation with a previous colleague.

7. The Power of Hyper-Personalization

Dear (Name),

I have been genuinely captivated by your company for quite some time now. During my exploration,
I stumbled upon a wealth of intriguing details (including noteworthy facts about the company or its products).

Allow me to introduce myself as (introduce your name and position) at (mention your company).
Following extensive research, I have come to realize that (elucidate what exclusive proposition you have to offer, outlining the terms of potential collaboration).


For a comprehensive overview of our expertise, kindly refer to our testimonials available at (insert link to reviews). Additionally, you can explore the range of services we provide on our official website (include a hyperlink to your company’s website). I eagerly await your valuable insights on this matter.

This strategy is ideal for crafting a personalized message to a significant or influential lead. To create
a compelling pitch, it may be necessary to delve into research and present a coherent argument.

8. Curate testimonials on your profile

Greetings, [Name].

I sincerely appreciate our collaboration on [specific project/task]. As I endeavor to establish trust in my professional endeavors via my LinkedIn page, I kindly request your assistance in providing a recommendation. Your feedback would be immensely valuable to me. Feel free to share your thoughts at [insert link].

This crucial aspect on your page holds substantial value, amplifying your credibility and fostering sales. Reach out to individuals within your personal network with a cordial appeal.

9. Follow-up

Greetings, (Name).

Our previous discussion took place on (mention the date and provide a brief summary of the topic discussed). As assured, I have enclosed (feel free to include an additional pleasant surprise).

Please inform me of your preferred time to resume our dialogue at your convenience. Thank you!

It is important to remind the lead of your previous conversation. This can be done through initial correspondence, face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or virtual gatherings. This step plays a pivotal role in converting leads into actual customers.

10. Request based on recommendations

Greetings, (Name). I noticed your profile featured in the recommendations section of (specify the profile where the recommendation appeared), and I discovered that we share mutual connections, such as (name). I would be delighted to have you among my contacts as well.

Frequently, users reach out to establish contact after coming across intriguing individuals in their recommendations. It’s worth mentioning this in your message.

11. Engaging with those who have interacted with your posts

Hello (name), I noticed that you liked my post (about what). I regularly share insightful content and exclusive information. I’d love for us to stay connected on LinkedIn.

This is a crucial step in building relationships with users who are interested in your content. They might already be potential leads, so it’s imperative to engage with them.

12. Promoting your event

Hello, (Name),

I noticed that you work in (position or industry). We’re hosting an event that could be of interest to you (mention the event’s value). You can find more details about the event via this link (provide the link). 

I look forward to staying connected and hope to see you at the event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

By sending messages before the event, you increase the likelihood of gaining registrations. Broadening your network prior to the event also gives you the opportunity to invite more users.

13. Promoting a Webinar

Hello, (Name). We are hosting a webinar on (webinar topic) which you can attend from the comfort of your home on (date, time). This webinar can help you (indicate the value of the webinar) and provide you with exclusive insights (highlight the expertise of the speakers). Please register here (link) – we’re looking forward to your participation!

Increasing your webinar’s views and registrations can be achieved through personalized invitations to potential participants.

14. Follow-up after an event or webinar

Hello, (Name). Thank you for attending our recent event (or webinar). As promised, we’re providing all participants with (mention the bonuses). If you could spare a few minutes to leave a review on our company page, we’d greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts about the event (or webinar). Here’s the link (provide the link).

If your event or webinar was a part of your sales funnel, it’s likely you planned for post-event communication. This requires crafting a follow-up message.

15. Promotion of a Lead Magnet or Free Trial

Hello, (Name). Thank you for accepting my connection request. I notice that you work in the (niche) field. Many of your colleagues are already benefiting from our product. I would like to extend an invitation for you to try it out for free (provide URL).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

What better way to offer a complimentary service than through a personal LinkedIn message? This could lead to more consistent customers through your sales funnel. Some people just need a free trial to get started.

16. Sharing Useful Resources

Hello (Name). I see you have a wealth of experience in (specify area). I recently came across an article that I found incredibly helpful, particularly regarding (mention the main topic). You can read it via this link. I would be delighted if you could also share any resources you find beneficial in our field.

Occasionally, sharing beneficial resources such as studies, templates, or articles can be enough to engage potential leads. Sharing these resources can be a great way to initiate future interactions.

17. Disseminate Beneficial Materials

Greetings (Name). Your vast expertise in (mention field) is well-recognized. I chanced upon an article recently that proved to be immensely enlightening for me. Specifically, (elaborate the central point). Feel free to peruse it via this link. I would be deeply appreciative if you could reciprocate by sharing some of your valuable resources with me.

Occasionally, sharing practical resources such as studies, layouts, or write-ups could be just the catalyst needed to stimulate prospective leads. Preserve this for impending communications.

18. Engagement within Communities

Greetings, (Name). I noticed our mutual affiliation with the group (name), prompting me to reach out to you. I am a representative of (company name), and our purpose is to (state your mission). We are currently offering a complimentary (introduce a lead magnet, and provide a link to it). I encourage you to try it out! It has been instrumental in aiding numerous clients of ours.

Groups often serve as fertile grounds for identifying potential leads.

19. Seeking Guidance

Greetings (Name). I recently had the opportunity to (peruse your article, or observe your project). The results were truly impressive. I’m curious to know (pose your question, such as, what professional resources do you frequently consult). Moreover, I’d be thrilled to extend an invitation for you to (detail the event, its location, and time). The event could potentially present some beneficial opportunities for you (mention the prospective advantage for the recipient).

When reaching out to seasoned professionals in your industry, feel free to solicit their insights or extend an invitation to your event.

20. Scheduling a Conversation

Hello (Name). I recall your keen interest in (mention a significant topic for the recipient). I would be more than willing to delve into the details via a phone conversation.

At times, a phone or video call can prove to be a crucial move in expanding your business. Communicate about it through LinkedIn. For instance, if an individual participated in your event, you can follow up with a call. Learn how to gather those who responded positively to your invitation.

21. Promotion via Direct Messages

Greetings (Name). I’ve been closely observing your contributions and professional work for quite a while. (Provide more specifics). Now, I have a clear understanding of how our services could be beneficial for you. (Elaborate on how the lead could gain from using your product.)

(Present the product tailored to the client’s needs, highlight the Unique Selling Proposition, and how it outperforms comparable offerings). You may acquaint yourself with genuine customer feedback here (provide a link to case studies, screenshots of customer messages, etc.)

Occasionally, LinkedIn messages may yield better outcomes than traditional emails. Hence, if you’ve sufficiently engaged your lead, it might be time to transition towards direct sales and introduce your product.

22. Dive Straight into Business and Employ Quantifiable Data

Greetings (Name). I specialize in (your area), offering my expertise to businesses operating within (your target market). We deliver tangible outcomes (highlight impressive KPIs from your work). Within just (specified time period), you can anticipate a (X% result). Does this pique your interest? Let’s schedule a meeting at a time that suits you best (provide a link to the calendar).

Frequently, a succinct message limited to around 150 words can be more effective than an extended write-up, as many people tend not to invest time in lengthy reads. Hence, opt for 4-5 impactful sentences, incorporating specific numerical values.

Consider harnessing automation for various networking circumstances. GetSales offers a complimentary version for a trial period of 14 days and is compatible with all operating systems.

Can you sell on LinkedIn?

Mastering the art of crafting persuasive best LinkedIn messages to prospects is an invaluable skill for sales professionals.

Utilize the best LinkedIn connection messages for sales tailored to your specific audience. This will help you establish meaningful connections. It can also drive sales and unlock new opportunities for success.

Remember to personalize your messages on LinkedIn, maintain a professional tone, and highlight the value you bring to the table. With these strategies in place, you’ll be well-equipped to outrank your competitors and achieve your sales goals on LinkedIn.