The referral program has been launched!

Hey folks,

We are happy to announce launching a referral program. Finally! Finally, we can thank you for the recommendations 馃槄

If you want to help your friends to find more leads and get more sales, all you need to do is just:

  • Send an email to [email protected]. Please name your company and the company that is about to start using GetSales. The subject should include “referral program for “your company”/ “your referral”. Feel free to share the demo request link with the newcomer;

  • Get a monthly聽discount for yourself (for the whole year) which equals 10% of your referral’s monthly spend.

There are some rules, though:

  • Your referral (company) is not our customer at the moment;聽

  • Your referral聽(company) didn’t work with GetSales or churned 6+ months ago;

  • You could get a discount only if the referral email was sent before the referral was engaged聽with GetSales;

  • Since this is the first (test) referral program at GetSales, we keep the right to decline any referral聽request;

However, we would be happy to hear from you and get some cool ideas, considering the different versions of the referral program!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!