GetSales Launches on Product Hunt: Revolutionizing LinkedIn Outreach for IT Service Companies and Leadgen Agencies

We’re excited to share that GetSales is now live on Product Hunt. It’s made for IT service companies and lead generation agencies, helping you easily and safely manage LinkedIn outreach campaigns across multiple profiles.

GetSales has a new solution that lets you handle over 50 LinkedIn profiles in one tab, all for a good price. It makes your work easier and keeps everything safe and compliant.

Key Features of GetSales

Rotating Sender Profiles

  • Unified inbox for streamlined communication.
  • Automatic rotating of profiles to maintain engagement and safety.
  • Single session management to prevent account suspension.
  • Option to rent identities for diversified outreach.

Account-Based Outreach

  • Facilitate account-specific deals for targeted marketing.
  • Nurture leads through sophisticated social selling techniques.
  • Ensure complete interaction sync for consistent messaging.
  • Utilize advanced filtering to hone in on the most promising leads.

Cost-efficient Automation


    • Implement cloud-based LinkedIn automation to save time and resources.
    • Integrate email automation to reach prospects through multiple channels.
    • Import and enrich LinkedIn data effortlessly.
    • Leverage AI for personalized messaging that resonates with your audience.

Analytics & Insights

  • Gain in-depth account-level analytics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Monitor a unified profiles dashboard to keep track of all activities.
  • Measure SDR performance to optimize your team’s efficiency.
  • Access industry benchmarks and insights for a competitive edge.

Data Integrations and Compatibility

GetSales seamlessly integrates with top tools and platforms to ensure a cohesive workflow:

  • Data Integrations: Clay,
  • Email Warmup: Instantly, Smartlead
  • CRMs: Hubspot, Pipedrive, ZohoCRM, Kommo
  1. Discover the future of LinkedIn outreach automation with GetSales. Visit our Product Hunt launch page, join the conversation, and see firsthand how GetSales can revolutionize your outreach strategy. We’d love your support – head over to our Product Hunt page and let us know your thoughts.